Inspiring Leaders

“I created a whole new life.”

I knew that someone would have loved my life — but that someone just wasn’t me. Melissa helped me find my way to doing the work that I had only dreamed of doing. Through the coaching process, I decided to take a plunge into a new career that was authentic to my true self. And I got exactly what I wanted: becoming an international humanitarian and helping to make the world a better place. I am well-paid and even negotiated the schedule that I wanted, which allows me to keep a home base in the U.S. and work abroad half the year. Nothing feels better than seeing your dreams unfold.

“I didn’t have to leave.”

I am an executive for a large corporation. I sought career coaching with Melissa, thinking I would have to transition out of corporate work in order to achieve my dreams. I had increasingly become frustrated at work, feeling under-appreciated and thwarted. I wanted to express my deepest passions in life. Through our coaching, I explored opportunities to work for other companies; I was even offered the role of president at a new company. I realized it wasn't about whether I stayed or left, but that my work had to be different. I renegotiated my role and it turned into exactly what I wanted, aligned with the intention I built through coaching. Now my contributions at work reflect my best, true self.

“I didn’t need
therapy to heal.”

I was dealing with a significant amount of work stress as a frontline worker in a community-based organization. A scary panic attack led me to seek Melissa out for help. I went to Melissa thinking I was going crazy; she helped me realize that I wasn’t crazy, the situation was crazy. The work we did wasn’t clinical; it wasn’t therapy; she wasn’t the person with all the answers. Melissa just interacted with me in a real, human way. She was my ally; she pushed and challenged me, but only with my best interest in mind. Through it, I discovered work that I enjoy and that supports the lifestyle I want to have.

“I came out of hiding.”

I was burned out and broken after ten years working for a dysfunctional international aid organization. I had already quit my job, but my self-esteem was shot. When I met Melissa she said she saw a woman in hiding. This was true. I had walked out, but was unsure what to do next. Through our coaching, I quickly got to the heart of what I really wanted and ventured out on my own as a solopreneur. As I made intentions for my life, huge opportunities began to fall into my lap. Best of all, my creativity expanded and I embraced my true calling as a writer.